5 Simple steps to install cakephp 3

It is very easy to install cakephp 3 as compare to cakephp 2.0

Checkout my video,In this I have explained step by step ‘How to install cakephp 3’.

Video : How to install cakephp 3

Before installation following are requirements to start :

  1. HTTP server
  2. PHP version should be greater then 5.5.9
  3. Ccomposer

To install cakephp 3 follow these steps :

  1. Open php.ini file
  2. Enable mbstring and intl extention in this file
  3. Open command prompt
  4. go to htdocs folder
  5. run following command
  6. composer self-update && composer create-project –prefer-dist cakephp/app my_app_name
  7. Cakephp installed 🙂

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